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I started clearing my garden

This morning, early.

But so late in the season that

The crabgrass and chickweed

Probably thought they were safe

As they spread themselves out

And made themselves comfortable.

In truth, their 20180711_130942greens are pretty.

And those gangly stems with the tiny

White and yellow flowers –

Garlic mustard maybe, or Euphorbia —

On another day I’d let them stay.


But today I have tomatoes to plant.


I try to be gentle as I pull them up

Shake loose the dirt in their grasp.

“Thank you” for holding the space for my

Too late

Too small

Too scraggly

Charlie Brown tomato plants.

I found them yesterday at the nursery,

Left to wither on the sale shelf,

Away from the attention getting

Gerber daisies and Black-Eyed Susans.

In the right spot,

With the right light and water

I’m going to cultivate

With great faith

In the future

Fully expecting miracles. 


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